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Fenyő Iván, Actor


"Thank you for the great opportunity and conditiond. I'm really content with you services and I'm making a great deal as well. As long as it stays like this you can count on my loyalty!"

Almássy Gyula, Világjáró magazine



"Because of my work I travel a lot. All of my cars have to serve a different purpose.


For my everyday travels a small car is enough. However sometimes when I work with my crew or larger equipment I need a minibus. And it also happens that I need something from the premium category.

It's as if Yes Autorent would have made the Flexible Carpark Program just for me. It's almost like I had my own car fleet. I only need to pick a car just before my trip."


Pongrácz Zoltán, weboptim.hu


"Amongst others my company deals with optimization of websites, where else would I be looking for car rental,if not on the Internet.The first match was a company introducing very interesting and unique solutions.

Upon further inspection of their site, I have found out that they are not only renting out cars, they are also working as rent mediators. This means that if for some reason my car will become redundant, for even just a few months I can give them the car and have good revenue from it."



Faragó István, Client, Budapest

"I was very pleased with all of Yes Autorents services. The people at the company were helpful and the quality of the cars was flawless as well. I strongly recommend them to all of my acquaintances."

Maria Sandor, Client, Australia

"It has been almost 9 years that I’ve moved to Australia, and since then I’ve visited my family every year for 1-2 months. During this time I wanted to get more places and so had to rent a car. Unfortunately, at first I did not know about this excellent car rental agency but for the last 3-4 years I have always rented from them when I’m home, and even if I had problems, they solved always them."


Bokor Éva, Arcadia, Client, USA

"...In addition thank you for your staff’s helpfulness, courtesy, and basically a very pleasant cooperation. I’ll be sure to recommend your services to my friends."

Bálint Ferenc, Client, Carollton, USA

"I would like to say my thanks again for the helpful and kind service. I will spread my good opinion about you, and also I will deifantely use your services in the future."

Hajdú Edina, Client, Edinburgh, UK

"Thank you very much for the quick and accurate administration, our work was way more easier with your help and I can reassure you that the next time we visit to Hungary, Yes Autorent’s services will be used."

Veres Zoltán, Client, Budapest


"I want to thank you for your help once again, the car performed very well, we were absolutely satisfied with it. We were very pleased with the car and the service, and the employees were helpful and partners in everything. I wish you good luck and a pleasant summer. I can honestly say, if I want to rent a car, I will call your company.  I will recommend your services to my friends and my family. I would like to thank you."




(+36 20 555 1155)